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Lucky Packs 2.0 (Mystery Packs)

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 Lucky Packs 2.0 - A Mystery Pack with excitement and value!

 What changed from the original?

  • BETTER ODDS! Odds are now Gold=20%, Silver=40%, Bronze=40% (Was 20/30/50%) - a 60% chance of Silver or Gold when buying one mystery pack!!
  • DOUBLE SILVER/GOLD CHANCE! Now with our improved odds, there is a 20% chance when you buy a set of TWO Lucky Packs to get BOTH Mystery packs as Silver or better!!
  • SPECIAL SETS: The 20 "regular packs" now include SWSH special sets such as Crown Zenith, Celebrations, Shining Fates & Pokémon Go. 

 What do Lucky Packs include?

  • 20 SWSH/S&V era packs + A Mystery Pack (Always a variety - never more than 6 packs from any one set)
  • A Mystery Pack will NEVER be a current era pack because that generally isn’t an enjoyable mystery pack experience
  • Mystery Pack seeded as follows: Gold=20%, Silver=40%, Bronze=40%
  • More packs per dollar and higher top tier rates than other popular options
  • Buy a set of two Lucky Packs to be guaranteed ONE Gold or Silver Pack - now with a chance for TWO!*

How are Lucky Packs randomized?

  • Mystery packs are placed in a white bubble mailer, sealed, then shuffled to be randomized.

Does the guarantee for two packs affect my odds for one pack?

  • NO - To ensure the 20/40/40% odds are in place for those that buy one pack, they are drawn from a separate pool of mystery packs.
  • For example, when buying ONE Lucky Pack, it would be randomly drawn from the 10 bubble mailers in the blue dotted box. When buying a set of TWO Lucky Packs, one would be randomly drawn from the green box, and one from the red box. See graphic for example.

There is a higher probability of getting the packs pictured on the left side of each tier. 

20 SWSH/S&V packs will generally be sleeved packs or packs in a sealed product (i.e. sealed tin), however special sets will be loose packs direct from sealed products as there is no sleeved option. 

Due to the nature of this product, we cannot accept returns.

Our goal is to provide a very transparent mystery product, if you have any questions please reach out via the contact us form. Thank you


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